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"The students at Ladybird are delightful to play with and teach. They are sponges for information and learn English without realizing it. During the 10 months I was there, my older group went from looking scared when I spoke to them to answering in complete sentences (in English) and even playing in English without me. Within a few months of playing with the younger group, they were singing the ABCs, and answering me (correctly) in Hungarian to questions I asked in English. It's an excellent environment to learn English in the same manner as they learned Hungarian."

Megan Black,
Kindergarten teacher at Ladybird 2010/2011

"We are really thankful for Ladybird's hospitality and staff during the past 1.5 years of our stay in Pecs. Coming to Hungary from Mexico was a difficult challenge in all aspects and we are grateful for Ladybird English - Hungarian Nursery, which adopted our kids in a unique way. They were able minimize cultural difference and make our kids happy and adapt faster."

R.Castilla, Mty, MX