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Ladybird is an English-Hungarian Nursery and Kindergarten located in a friendly residential environment near the centre of the city.
In our two groups we take a maximum of seven children aged 1-7 years and can thus provide individual care and attention. This is a bi-lingual environment where children are exposed to the English language at the most sensitive period of their life.
Our aim is to create a warm and loving home-like environment for your child and to cater for his/her intellectual, emotional and physical development. In our daily and weekly programme things happen in a predictable, rhythmic manner to provide young children with a variety of stimulating and exciting opportunities to learn and develop to the best of their abilities.

You are invited to arrange a time to look around the building to see the rooms and outside play space and see if the children are calm, happy and busy. Children of expats living in and around Pécs are very welcome.


8am-4pm every day
8am-12am every day
Three full days
Three mornings

Children signing up for full days enjoy priority.

Healthy eating:

We order our lunches from Szent György Fogadó. Our snacks are varied and colourful and contain fresh ingredients, with lots of fruit and vegetables . We provide mineral water and use honey as a sweetener.